Thursday, 4 September 2014

When to Use Insulin Therapy in Type 2 Diabetes

Insulin in type 2 diabetes is recommended in the initial phase of the disease only when the diagnosis was late at high glucose (above 300 mg /dl) with severe clinical symptoms. In general, insulin treatment in such cases does not take long and you can already after a few days stay in the hospital to enable oral medications.

At a later stage of type 2 diabetes insulin deficiency occurs, the Second ineffective oral medications and then in the absence of optimal diabetes control, it is decided to use insulin. For many people with type 2 diabetes, insulin acts as the "bogey" or right? If your sugars despite the use of optimal doses of oral medication and dietary compliance are not satisfactory do not be afraid to implement insulin. By lowering blood glucose will improve your mood and reduce the risk of developing chronic complications of diabetes.

Whatever the level of sugars achieved with oral medications during  pregnancy in women with type 2 diabetes, insulin alone is used (oral drugs are contraindicated in pregnant). Insulin turns to the treatment of the type of diabetes after verification and confirmation of the type of autoimmune diabetes (similar to type 1) disclosing in people over 35 years of age (diabetes mellitus type LADA).
During the treatment of type 2 diabetes can happen such situations when the use of oral drugs is undesirable and it is appropriate to apply for a period of time of insulin:

  • Treatment/surgery
  • During severe infection such as: severe pneumonia, which is the cause of high blood glucose values
  • The use of drugs such as steroids, as they cause misalignment of diabetes
  • Treatments such as Pip cardiac arteries (coronary angioplasty)
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